Behavioral Health/Lounge
Width: 26

Depth: 44

Height: 40

Weight: 130 lbs.


Fluid rocking motion provides a source of focus and calm
Smoothly reclined shape prevents pressure points and provides comfort
Evenly distributed additional weight to prevent overturning
Plywood reinforcement for added durability
Security screws and inaccessible staples to prevent tampering
All fabrics and fillings fire retardant
Dual fabrics for added personalization
A wide choice of upholstery including water-resistant vinyl and fabrics
Full plywood structure and additional reinforcement offer strength and stability as well as fully enclosed base to prevent concealment. Interior made from fire retardant, CMHR (combustion modified high resilience) foam is safe for both users and staff. The curved plywood ski is finished in matt lacquer with white pigment. Security screws are recessed into the plywood so they do not damage the floor surface. All external fabric is fire retardant to CAL TB 116, 117 & NFPA 260 USA

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