Aging in Place Remodeling Projects

In the wake of the housing market crisis, surveys show that over 75% of homeowners, age 45 and over would to prefer to live in their current homes as long as they can, and the key to insuring that this will be possible, is to plan early, while you are still able bodied. This is where an “Age in Place” plan becomes necessary. “Aging in place” is a term that simply means that you are able to continue living in the home of your choice as you age, with the ability to get the assistance you require, as your needs…

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Charging Stations are a Must-Have

If you are like over 50% of Consumers than you also have an array of cell phones, tablets, and gadgets strewn about your Kitchen Counters probably crowding more than one available outlet to re-charge their batteries. In addition to the Kitchen being the central hub of your home, which makes charging your devices there, convenient, it’s also become far more common for tablets and phones to be used during cooking then the bulky cookbooks of the past. So, although this area is the obvious choice for charging your devices, it doesn’t mean you want them cluttering up your Kitchen and…

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Anaheim Kitchen Cabinetry Options

KITCHEN CABINETS are intended to be functional, but few Design Professionals or Homeowners leave the choice simply at that. Otherwise, Cardboard or Plywood Boxes would be all that was needed to house your Kitchen and Pantry Supplies. Instead, Kitchen Cabinet choices have become passionately researched, debated, coveted, “vision boarded”, and “pinned” as the options for homeowners has grown exponentially. This is also true whether you are selecting cabinets for a bathroom, family room, bedroom, closet, or any space in your home, but the emphasis has been placed on the Kitchen Cabinetry as it has been realized that Kitchens can add…

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Buyer Beware in Trends and Technology

Planning a kitchen remodel? Make it high tech, and you’ll be able to turn on a faucet with a wave of your hand, boil water in 90 seconds, and change out your light bulbs every 22 years (55,000 hours). However, as cool as new trends and technology can be, it’s important that you think twice before attempting to integrate the latest “must have” du jour into your space plan. If the current trend doesn’t stand up to the test of time you may be left with an outmoded gadget and an odd sized recessed wall or cabinet opening that will not…

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San Clemente Clutter Free Kitchen Concepts

Whether your planning a full scope kitchen renovation or planning an update to your existing kitchen, you should always start with a well thought out plan for your space, focusing primarily on organization and function. Most importantly we’re interested in a clutter free kitchen. Keeping this in mind, there are several simple, cost effective improvements, that will make a world of difference, but, before determining the best use of your space and any specific needs that you may have, start by clearing out any items that will not be placed back into the kitchen after your project is complete. Once you…

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