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Lift System: Occupied Replacement When Time is Money


Not commonly known by facilities managers, and certainly not known by the typical commercial tenant, is the “Lift System Technology” modular carpet installation option, increasingly in use for occupied office areas, especially for those with built in work stations, now almost universally in use.

In times when broadloom carpet was the primary option for higher end commercial carpet installations, there would be no installation procedure choice, other than removing and replacing all the contents from the work areas, including the tearing down and re-assembly of any built in work stations.

With the advent of modular carpet tile, (first used mostly in high rise office buildings where the only access for delivery of materials was by elevator), installation techniques began to be developed that were unique to the use of carpet tile as the specified floor finish. In particular, the modular characteristic of carpet tile enabled an installation that did not necessarily require the complete removal of the fixtures or contents in advance of the installation of the carpet. That feature, of course, becomes most cost effective in areas where built in work stations would need to be completely dismantled, including the removal of cabling and power service, before an installation could be performed. That, of course, required the coordination of furniture movers, a work station dismantling and assembly contractor, and also an I.T. tear down and re-installation specialist, in addition to having the broadloom carpet installed. Those costs, of course, are probative, even before considering the loss of productivity for the required down time to accommodate a conventional carpet replacement.

To enable our clients to avoid much of those costs and also to eliminate the office down time to perform a carpet replacement, PDC Interiors maintains specialized equipment and an in-house dedicated crew who are specifically trained in “Lift System” installation techniques. And; when proposing to a client the use of modular carpet, (often at a premium cost to broadloom carpet), and also a “Lift System” installation procedure, (also at a substantial premium in cost as compared to a conventional un-occupied office installation), almost without exception, the client ends up wisely choosing the modular “Lift System” option. Bottom line, of course, is that when making a true cost comparison to include both the tangible and intangible costs of the alternatives, invariably the “Lift System” option wins out by a mile.

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