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" As with most successful companies, it’s the people that make the difference. "


Design finishes are often the most critical part of any successful project, and certainly the most visually impactful element. And, no matter what the finish material is, workmanship and proper installation of the finish elements of a project are paramount.

Often overlooked, however, is the importance of job site or surface preparation, necessary for any design finish or fixture to look and perform as expected. With PDC Interiors’ experience on your side, you can be assured that industry best practices and manufacturers recommending procedures are always employed; first, to validate a manufacturer’s warranty requirements, but more importantly, to insure your satisfaction for the life of your installation. So, the old adage: “Failing to Prepare, is Preparing to Fail” is a credo that the entire PDC Team keep in mind for all of our remodeling projects, both large and small.


At PDC Interiors, our experience and resultant business model, developed over many years, is aimed at not only providing a superior end result, but also at avoiding the pit falls too common in the design and remodeling industry. No matter how beautiful the end result may turn out to be, if the execution was poorly staged and scheduled, the resultant disruption of a client’s business operations, not to mention the likely cost overruns, can easily outweigh any planned benefit that was expected at the outset of the project.

Accordingly, we know the importance of employing scheduling practices specifically designed to   minimize a remodeling project’s negative impact on your business. Our strategy, in this regard, always entails clear communication, not only with a company’s senior decision makers, but also department managers who’s operations are the ones most impacted by a remodeling project. We’re also well versed in coordinating properly with the facilities support personnel, who are essential partners in assuring a smoothly run project. Lastly, in executing on scheduling demands, our in-house installation crews are accustomed to working whatever days and whatever hours are necessary to most effectively provide service, so as to accommodate even the most difficult installation challenges.


We care for the safety and health of both our customers and associates. Our comprehensive safety program covers personal protective equipment, material handling to include necessary precautionary steps for product use, and first aid to make sure everyone leaves work healthy.

Healthcare & Corporate Clients

Richard Long - President American Capital Realty Group
Walter Fuentes - Environmental Services Director Emerald Court
Ron Kolar - President Labri Management
Dr. Martin O’Toole Pasedena Cosmetic Surgery
Karen Price - Gharzeddine - CEO San Gabriel Hospital
Chris Parker - CEO Solvang Lutheran Home / Solvang
Michael Fontana - President Michael & Associates Contract Group / Palm Desert
William G Heideman - President Hollenbeck Palms / Los Angeles
Harris Koenig - CEO San Antonio Community Hospital / Upland
Mike Marcus - General Manager OC Water District / Fountain Valley
Steve Rogers - Director of Facilities Pilgrim Place / Claremont
Andrea Stassi - Project Manager Jacobs / Orange
Mike Rembis - President Avanti Health / El Segundo
Calvin Fakkema - Director of Facilities Anaheim Regional Medical Center
Paul Fice - Director of Facilities JFK Memorial Hospital / Indio
Meghan Domer - Director of Facilities Edwards Lifesciences / Irvine
Dan Bowers - C.O.O. Riverside Community Hospital / Beverly Hospital
Bruce Sepielli - Director of Facilities Desert Regional Medical Center / Palm Springs
Debbie Webber - CEO Prospect Health / Santa Ana
John Rudolph Fountain Valley Regional Medical Center
Devin Hugie - Director of Facilities CHOC / Orange



Luxury Vinyl Tile for Apartment Flooring Replacement

The apartment industry is finding better ways to keep from getting floored by high turnover costs when it comes to providing effective walkable surfaces under residents’ feet. As the comparative cost differential for hard surface floors, versus carpeting, is narrowing, luxury vinyl tile or L.V.T., in particular, is growing in demand as an appropriate surface in areas previously specified for carpeting.  Income property owners and management companies are increasingly opting for L.V.T. due to two factors: First, the replacement cycle for L.V.T. is at least twice as long as a carpeted surface, and secondly; the wood plank look, (the most common…

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Carpet Tile Versus Broadloom

Specifiers and end users are increasingly becoming aware of advantages offered by modular carpet or carpet tile that are not offered by traditional broadloom carpet. First, as the face fiber of modular carpet is woven into a hard synthetic backing, that supports the structure of the tufted surface, modular carpet far out performs any similar face weight broadloom carpet, and, correspondingly, often ends up being a more cost effective specification than the lower priced broadloom carpet. Carpet tile vs Broadloom Also, aided by technology advances in the manufacturer of modular carpet, designers now have a much wider array of pattern…

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Lift System: Occupied Replacement When Time is Money

Not commonly known by facilities managers, and certainly not known by the typical commercial tenant, is the “Lift System Technology” modular carpet installation option, increasingly in use for occupied office areas, especially for those with built in work stations, now almost universally in use. In times when broadloom carpet was the primary option for higher end commercial carpet installations, there would be no installation procedure choice, other than removing and replacing all the contents from the work areas, including the tearing down and re-assembly of any built in work stations. With the advent of modular carpet tile, (first used mostly…

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