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Charging Stations are a Must-Have

If you are like over 50% of Consumers than you also have an array of cell phones, tablets, and gadgets Dec.EEChargMWi.Sstrewn about your Kitchen Counters probably crowding more than one available outlet to re-charge their batteries.

In addition to the Kitchen being the central hub of your home, which makes charging your devices there, convenient, it’s also become far more common for tablets and phones to be used during cooking then the bulky cookbooks of the past. So, although this area is the obvious choice for charging your devices, it doesn’t mean you want them cluttering up your Kitchen and limiting your work space.

The perfect solution to this problem is built-in charging stations, which is not an uncommon site. In fact, almost all new kitchen remodeling projects involve installation of charging stations in cabinets and drawers and/or the replacement of existing outlets, or the addition of dual purpose outlets incorporating USB ports alongside your standard single gang outlets.

The Benefits of Installing Charging StationsUU.OD.PowerPodWKo.A3

1. Give a clean, tidy look to your kitchen

If you are a tech-savvy person and you want to keep all of your beloved gadgets close to you, you should consider installing charging stations in your kitchen. Charging stations are a practical alternative to wall sockets as you can hide them inside your cabinets and pull-out drawers and make your kitchen look tidy and clutter-free.

2. Get more work space

Charging your gadgets by plugging them into wall sockets usually takes a lot of counter space. Having inbuilt charging stations in kitchen cabinets and drawers allow you to keep your devices hidden in the storage space and provide you more space for food preparation.

3. Replace your current wall sockets

If you use kitchen appliances like blender, egg beater, coffee maker, etc., but still want your kitchen walls to look clean and tidy, you should consider installing multiple dual purpose outlets. These “smart station” outlets can be used for charging smartphones and tablets as well as kitchen appliances.


Best Spots for Installing a Charging Station in the Kitchen

Whether you are working on your kitchen remodeling project or just looking for a way to corral the UU.OD.PowerPodWKo.Acharging cords, there are a number of ways through which you can incorporate charging stations in your kitchen.

1. Inside a drawer – This is one of the most popular spots for installing a charging station in the kitchen. This way you can keep your device and the charging cords out of sight in the drawer.

2. Inside a cabinet – You may dedicate one of your kitchen cabinets for charging stations or get charging stations installed in several cabinets.

3. Pop-up charging stations – The best way to keep devices and their chargers out of sight without giving up a drawer or cabinet space is to install a pop-up charging station.

** Please note: Only a brief overview of some of the charging options available to you is listed above, but before deciding which option will be best for you, start by determining the total number of devices that you will need to charge and then plan for your charging station to accommodate this number plus at least (2) extra USB ports and/or single outlets for guests or future devices that may be added.

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