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Aging in Place Remodeling Projects

In the wake of the housing market crisis, surveys show that over 75% of homeowners, age 45 and over would to prefer to live in their current homes as long as they can, and the key to insuring that this will be possible, is to plan early, while you are still able bodied.

This is where an “Age in Place” plan becomes necessary. “Aging in place” is a term that simply means that you are able to continue living in the home of your choice as you age, with the ability to get the assistance you require, as your needs change.

BentonMWi.B3.retSo, if you’re planning a remodel in your home, and you know your intent is to stay there for as long as you are able, then there are several things you may want to consider doing now, that can be far more cost effective if you take care of it at the same time that other work is being performed in your home. In addition, completing these projects alongside your current projects will be much less disruptive than if you were to wait for the time that these improvements were to become absolutely necessary, which may also be too late to feasibly accomplish, depending on your circumstances.

Now, if you are worried that this means that the changes required to prepare your home for the future is going to make it look institutional, rest assured, there are many beautiful products and designs that can fit discreetly and seamlessly within any decor and several key things you can do now, that will not be visible at all, but will prove to be extremely important as your needs change.

Listed below are a few common upgrades done by homeowners that offer the perfect opportunity to incorporate an “aging in place” game plan, without breaking the bank.

Upgrading your Interior Doors and Casing?

  • This would be a perfect time to consider widening your doorways to meet or exceed the requirement for passage in a walker or wheelchair.
  • If widening a doorway is possible, but you do not have the space to accommodate a swing door and a pocket door is not possible, you may want to consider a contemporary or transitional barn door if you have the adjacent wall space for the overlapping door. This door style can match your other existing interior doors or it can be a single lite French door with obscured glass.

Updating the Tile in your Shower?SumnerMBk5.B2

  • Before the Tile work is to begin, when the framing of your walls are exposed, I recommend installing cut pieces of 2×10 or 2×12 lumber in between the studs, along the width and height of your shower walls, as needed. For a minimal labor and material charge, this small improvement will be invaluable in the future to place grab bars or a drop down seat as needed without having to place them according to the availability of a stud for support.

Remodeling your Bathroom?

  • Your first consideration, when remodeling your Bathroom, should be whether or not you have the space to accommodate a walk-in dam-less shower. If your available space is limited then there are low profile and/or accessible shower and tub options available that you may want to discuss with your Contractor/Designer to see if any of these may work for you.

As with any remodeling project, it is always beneficial to seek the guidance of a specialist in this field. When an “aging in place” plan is being considered it is important that you work with someone like the specialists at PDC Interiors, that have been assisting many clients throughout the years in making these types of prudent decisions when the opportunity presents itself as a cost effective option to take care of, well before it becomes an additional burden for our clients, at a time that they are not prepared to take on a disruptive renovation.





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